"I was yours before I knew."
Do you remeber those words?
'Cause you are still living inside of me, as I live inside of you.
Like a cancer, like death tearing us apart.
But what a death…
Pulling out the ugly of us when separated and the worst of us when united.
We don’t know better, it is us.
It is me.
It is you.
You would kill me but you would only end up by killing yourself.
I would kill for you, but I would end up by killing myself.
Only death will tear us apart.
Only death will kill what we had and have.
You know it too baby!
We’re a match made in hell.
You are the fire, this anger running in my veins..you are this power, this rage.
I am this constant hunger you have for me.
I am your poison, your liquer… I am your singing siren, the one you can’t stop listening to.
I know you love me, you love me still.
I run, Oh how I run from you… but no matter where I go, I could still feel it too.


When I say: “Jump”, you say: ” How high?”

3 years of memories…

3 years of memories…

My only wish is to be able to rewrite my life again..

- Do I remember you?
Every day…every day… every night.


Singing Songbrid….